Wall to Wall Festival 2018
The People
This has been such a fruitful trip for me – it has enriched and widened my point of view of world-class street art culture. It has been amazing to be able to meet so many local and international artists where we shared our knowledge freely. Benalla and Melbourne is such a lovely and creative place.
- Leonard Siaw, winner of Make Your Mark In Melbourne 2017 and first Malaysian street artist at Wall to Wall Festival 2018.
We are pleased to be included in the Make Your Mark In Melbourne programme again. We are so pleased and impressed with what Leonard has demonstrated at the recent Wall To Wall Benalla – it greatly showcases the great talents that can be found in Malaysia.
For a long time now, Melbourne is known as one of the world’s great street art capitals for its unique expressions of art found almost everywhere throughout the city and the region. It is such a great place to have an art cultural experience. I can’t wait to take a look at this year’s submissions and see more Malaysian talents making their mark at the Wall to Wall.
- Shaun Hossack, Artistic Director of Wall to Wall Festival and Juddy Roller Studio.
About the Festival

The Benalla streetscape was transformed recently as the Wall to Wall Festival set the town abuzz.

Thousands of people flocked to the town to watch some of the best street artists in the world turn the walls, buildings and silos of Benalla into living works of art.

A highlight of the festival was the completion of the Goorambat silo project, where street artist Dvate painted a giant mural on the silo, highlighting the plight of the Barking Owl, which is endangered in the region.

The festival had such an amazing selection of artists from Australia and across the world bringing their skills to the walls of Benalla. It also got to highlight the many talented women street artists who are out there.